Mobile apps are now much accessible and available to the users and it results in a very inconsistent app usage. But every problem comes with a solution. You too can plan to engage your users, thereby increasing mobile app retention. Yes, you can hold your users on your app and prevent them from switching to other apps. For this, you only need to weave your app retention strategies in a creative, yet natural way – it will create an urge among the customers for further usage.

Did you know 20% retention accounts for 80% yearly profit of any company? This is why your mobile app retention strategy makes sense. Keeping your customers engaged longer helps your business to succeed. So, let’s revise your app retention strategies.

Dive in and find out how:

Customer Retention – What Is It?

Customer Retention Rate - A Sign of Business growth
Customer retention refers to the capability of a company or its products/services to bring customers back after a specific time. So, the more active users who continue transactions with you, the better for you.

Essentially, customer retention rate refers to the percentage of customers who remain with you over time.

For example, if a customer comes back to a store after the first purchase, it indicates they’re on the right track with their customer retention measures.

Marketing-wise, the higher your customer retention rate, the better.

Note: Along with retaining old customers, acquiring new customers is very essential.

How to calculate Customer retention?

Formula: {(CE-CN)/CS}*100

Where, CE= Number of customers at the end of a specific period, CN= Number of new customers acquired within this period, and CS= Number of customers at the start of the period

Why Is Customer Retention Important For A Business?

Customers are the most tangible asset for any business. The moment a business starts gaining repeat customers – it begins its journey toward instant scalability and long-term growth. You can work on bettering these over a period of time. The gluey elements that retain customers can be product quality, marketing strategy, support, aesthetics, etc.

Key Factors Behind Customer Retention in Online Business

Low customer retention, on the other hand, indicates that your product/service or marketing strategy needs improvements. Basically, you need to do more research, and go through several trials to increase your customer retention.

Retention in business is of paramount importance. The strategies to achieve higher user retention rate may vary. However, mobile apps will always be helpful in achieving higher user retention.

The probability of selling products to existing customers is 60-70% on average

The Entry Of Mobile Apps For Higher Customer Retention

Now, it is proven that retention is important, but the concern is how to increase app retention.

Well, your product quality/service is, no wonder, the key element to bring customers back to your store. But, to make sure that the customers make another purchase on coming back, you need to provide them with a pleasant experience. And mobile apps assist exactly there.

How Do Mobile Apps Pace Up User Retention?

Mobile apps have the potential to engage your customers with

  • Easy and fast operations
  • Appealing UX and UI
  • Over the top features
  • Sufficient access to device
  • Premium integrations

As a result all these mobile apps successfully increase user engagement and thereby, increasing user retention for the future.

In the following section, find out 7 user retention strategies that will definitely work on your mobile app.

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7 Ways To Boost Your App Retention Strategies And Keep Your Customers Glued

Want a higher customer retention rate on your mobile app? These 7 strategies will never disappoint you:

7 Elements of Mobile Apps That Can Help in Customer Retention Strategy

1. Cleverly Use Mobile App Aesthetics

The First Impression is Ever-Lasting – this is very true in terms of user retention on the mobile app.

The main reason behind higher sales and higher customer retention on mobile apps is their aesthetics. It takes user experiences to such a high degree that convinces customers to make a purchase. Right from the time of installation of the app, mobile app UX and UI can make an appeal to the users.

Mobile app aesthetics include:

  1. Onboarding process (the shorter, the better)
  2. Theme and color schemes
  3. Variety of blocks on homepage
  4. Browsing speed and much more

So, keep these points in mind to create a power-packed impression and get higher customer retention on your mobile app.

Amazing fact: Design and layouts alone can raise customer retention by 400%

2. Provide An Even Simpler Usage To Retain Customers

If the buying platform comes with complications, users drop that. . Mobile apps fix this problem with its convenient usage to impress the buyers.

Apps ensure that buyers get the simplest and fastest access throughout their users’ journey to what they are looking for with the following features:

  1. Image search
  2. Voice search
  3. Augmented reality
  4. Virtual reality
  5. Numerous product filters
  6. Different sorting options
  7. Push notifications etc.

As a result, mobile apps enhance the online shopping experience of customers and increase retention rates.

Push notification alone can bring 820% higher customer retention

3. Strategize The Rewards For More Revisits And Repurchases

No matter which industry or product you are dealing with – let’s admit that the “Free factor” has the capability of user acquisition. With mobile apps, you can not only revamp your offers, but also you can change the way you reach your buyers.

Did you know that 69% of customers choose brands based on the reward points they offer? 

You can add graphics to make your offers more appealing and urge for a click. Also, you can reach them with normal/scheduled push notifications so that users can engage with your app more. As a result, a user spends more time on the app and on finding related products, more transactions are also expected.

So, if you are struggling with a low customer retention rate, you can fix it with a mobile app.

4. Stay Relevant With On-Time App Updates

Relevance makes a mobile app more engaging and user retention comes with it. Therefore, the more the users will find an app relevant, the more they will use it. Updating your mobile app after a certain time can help you to stay trendy to the user and keep them connected.

Update your app to remove obsolete features and bring on what is on demand. It will help you to refrain from boring the users, especially the young ones. Work on loading speed so that buyers don’t need to wait to get results.

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5. Offer Timely Support And Hold Your Buyers On The App

If you are looking for a high retention rate on your mobile app, then you need to improve your app engagement strategies. This is why timely support is an essential part of app retention strategies.

According to 80% of consumers, good service and quality products are the reasons behind their repeat purchases. 

On mobile apps, you get:

  1. Chat support
  2. Search auto-completion
  3. Related searches
  4. Recommended products

The users drop using any online store due to the lack of service, and the app fills the gaps to keep the customers stuck. 68% of consumers are willing to pay more to the brands that offer good customer service – How cool is that? It takes around 12 good positive customer experiences to heal one bad experience.

On-time support will increase your session length and retain users by interacting with them. So, don’t rethink using the features of mobile apps to the fullest.

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6. Add A Personalized Touch For Making More Appeal

Personalization is another essential part of mobile app retention strategies as buyers today revisit an app on finding personalized features.

Right now, mobile apps are well-equipped to cater to this need and include features like

  1. Personalized notifications
  2. Exclusive offers based on past actions
  3. Location-based service etc

All these features analyze the past activities and access features of the smartphone of the buyers. These make customers feel very special. As a result, they are eager to tap on the new notification, which often leads to a purchase.

Did you know?

Personalization alone is responsible for making 65% of customer retention!

7. Plan And Execute Reengaging Activities To Get Further Clicks

Finally, add some reengaging activities to make top-notch app retention strategies. Remember, you have to reach your buyers, communicate with them, and tell them your latest offerings, to convince them for a purchase.

It is a cyclical process – sometimes, your mail may be straightaway thrown into the trash. Also, customers may just remove your notifications even after being relevant. But keep trying to get clicks, purchases, and future recommendations!

Did you know that 75% of users refrain from returning to your app after their first visit?

But you have to keep trying to reach them and get one click, purchase, and future recommendations. Mobile app graphics can help you to reach your buyers. With mobile apps, you can

To improve your app retention strategy, you can

  1. Create FOMO with attractive and urgent offers
  2. Use features like “Sale ends in” timer and product left counts
  3. Notify your buyers to rate their experience on the app
  4. Ask them to write a review their purchase in detail
  5. Convince them to refer and get a discount for the next purchase
  6. Offer free samples with a countdown timer
  7. Reach them with direct messages and mails

In short, mobile apps assist you in maximizing your interaction with your customers, which is a direct help in your customer retention strategy.

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More Perks Of Using Mobile Apps For Higher Customer Retention

Apart from these tips, mobile apps have a lot more to offer to boost your customer retention strategies, like

  • Gamification
  • Social interactions
  • App analytics

What else can you do to boost User Retention Strategies on Your Mobile app?

1. Content Marketing

Prepare helpful content for a video and share it on your social media pages to pull traffic. Similarly, blogs, catchy one-liners in the form of images/GIFs, reels, etc., can help you achieve high customer retention.

2. Social media marketing

Along with content marketing, you can use social media for paid marketing. Your ads on social media have higher chances of getting views and clicks.

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3. Email marketing

This method helps you to reach your audience directly through emails. In these emails, you can tell them your latest updates, offers, and CTAs in a crisp way that can convince your buyers to revisit your app to purchase something.

4. Referral marketing

It is a smart tool to bring customers back with the temptation of points or coupons to customers when they visit your app. However, there will be a condition for them to refer your app to others with a code. Only if someone joins with that referral code your customer will win the point or voucher.

Improvise Your Customer Retention Strategies With Mobile App

In a nutshell, you can increase user retention to 2x to 3x only by using the features of your mobile apps to the fullest. So, never underestimate the mobile apps while you are setting strategies for user retention.

The premium experience of mobile apps will slowly but surely hold the users longer and lead them towards purchase and repurchase. So, apps can be the key to success by bringing higher retention for your business.

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