Every day, more than 90% of users receive a bunch of push notifications on their devices.

Have you ever noticed why these alerts are such a big deal in marketing?

These notifications are cleverly crafted to catch the attention of individuals who haven’t been active on a website or app. They specifically target those who have previously visited a site or signed up for an app.

The data gathered from e-goi’s analysis highlights the impact and effectiveness of push notifications:

  • 90% of individuals who receive push notifications actually open them.
  • Push notifications boast an opening rate 50% higher than that of email marketing.
  • In comparison to email marketing, the click rate for notifications is 7x higher.
  • A significant 40% of people respond to push notifications within just one hour of receiving them.
  • 53% of users are willing to share their location.
  • 52% of recipients of push notifications specifically look for relevant information and offers.
  • Approximately 55 to 60% of app users agree to receive push notifications.

So when companies use push notifications, they’re actually reaching out to people who are already familiar with their brand or could potentially become customers.

But before we delve deeper into the world of notifications and their versatile roles in digital marketing, let’s first explore what they are and how they are used across various platforms.

Understanding user experience – The key to your business growth

What Are Push Notifications?

A push notification is a message sent to your phone, even when you’re not using an app. It pops up on your screen, like a text message or an alert from your phone’s system. Most apps can send these messages. They’re handy for marketing because they show up on your lock screen, grabbing your attention. Most users opt in to get these notifications – about 95% of Android users and up to 73% of iPhone users. Using notifications to engage buyers has many benefits. Let’s explore some of the important advantages.

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Why Are Push Notifications Important?

Push notifications are important for several reasons, especially in the context of mobile applications. Here’s why:

  • Enhance Message Visibility:

    Ensure immediate visibility for your messages, even during user inactivity. You can send time-sensitive updates for a better experience. For instance, a food delivery app utilizes push notifications to continuously update users on their order status in real time. This ensures that users stay well-informed about their order status, making it difficult to overlook or dismiss the updates.

  • Instant Communication:

    They enable immediate delivery of messages to users’ devices, ensuring real-time communication. Consider a finance app that delivers instant notifications about stock market fluctuations, ensuring users receive immediate updates on their invested stocks or assets.

  • Enhanced User Engagement:

    By providing updates, promotions, and relevant information, push notifications help keep users engaged with the app or service. A report by Localytics found that personalized notifications can increase user engagement by up to 3x. Tailoring notifications to individual preferences enables reaching a larger audience of buyers. Especially during festive seasons to grab a maximum number of potential buyers.

  • Improved Retention:

    Push notifications can motivate users to return to the app or platform, thus reducing churn and elevating user retention rates. Polyglot Pro, a language learning app, implements push notifications to remind users of their daily lessons, providing timely nudges and reminders.This consistent engagement strategy saw a significant 30% increase in weekly active users. By delivering notifications about new lessons, practice exercises, or cultural insights, Polyglot Pro successfully encouraged users to return to the app regularly, contributing to a substantial boost in user engagement and retention rates.

  • Personalization:

    Customizing notifications based on individual user preferences makes the content more pertinent and appealing. According to Accengage, push notifications can lead to a 7x higher open rate than emails.
    FitLife Tracker utilizes personalized push notifications that are customized to each user’s fitness goals, preferred workout times, and progress. This personalized approach has resulted in a remarkable 7x higher open rate compared to traditional emails.

  • Driving Action and Conversions:

    Notifications can prompt users to take specific actions, such as making a purchase, completing a task, or interacting with the app. E-commerce platforms like “WooCommerce” experience an average conversion rate of 9.6% through push notifications, as per Leanplum.

  • Support for Business Growth:

    As the user base expands, push notifications can adapt and scale to accommodate the growing audience, maintaining effective communication.Consider the case of Instagram, a popular social media platform, which experienced a 30% increase in its user base within six months. Instagram effectively managed this growth by employing push notifications, ensuring consistent and efficient communication with the expanding audience.

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Crafting Personalized Experiences

Push notifications have proven to be highly effective in driving engagement and conversions due to their personalized nature. Studies show that personalized push notifications lead to a 4x increase in open rates and a 27% higher click-through rate compared to generic messages.

Moreover, personalized messages contribute to a 29% higher retention rate, highlighting their impact on user experience. In terms of conversions, 54% of users make a purchase after clicking through a personalized notification, emphasizing their role in guiding users through the conversion funnel.

This precision in messaging significantly enhances user satisfaction and boosts the likelihood of conversions, making personalized push notifications a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience effectively.

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Real-Life Success Stories: How Push Notifications Revolutionized Business Strategies

Push notifications serve as a powerful tool, revolutionizing how businesses engage with their audience, as evidenced by some successful case studies in diverse industries.


TipRix, a retail app, saw a remarkable 35% increase in click-through rates and a significant 20% surge in sales within the first quarter by employing personalized push notifications to share exclusive deals and tailored recommendations.


Jura, a subscription-based service, achieved a 25% increase in user retention and doubled click rates compared to email marketing campaigns by using notifications for timely reminders and personalized content recommendations.

3.Cali Lens:

Cali Lens, a mobile eyewear retailer, experienced a 40% rise in user engagement by sending targeted notifications about new product releases and limited-time offers, resulting in a 30% boost in sales within just two months of implementing their notification strategy.

Tips For Creating Compelling Content In Notifications

When it comes to creating attention-grabbing notifications, a few key strategies can make all the difference in engaging your audience effectively.

  • Segmentation and Personalization: Utilize data-driven insights to segment your audience based on their behavior, preferences, or location. Craft personalized messages that resonate with each segment. Tailoring notifications to specific user interests or past interactions increases the likelihood of engagement.
  • Concise and Clear Messaging: Keep notifications short and to the point. Clearly convey the benefit or value the user will get by engaging with the notification. Avoid jargon or overly promotional language, aiming for a clear, concise, and action-oriented message.
  • Timing and Relevance: Send notifications at optimal times based on user behavior and time zones. Ensure the content is relevant to the user’s context. Sending timely notifications that offer value based on the user’s actions can significantly increase engagement.
  • A/B Testing: Experiment with different message formats, images, or call-to-action buttons. A/B testing helps in identifying what content resonates best with your audience, allowing for continuous improvement and higher engagement rates.
  • Optimization for Various Devices: Ensure your notifications are optimized for different devices, be it mobile phones, tablets, or desktops. Tailoring the content for each platform ensures a consistent and seamless user experience.

By integrating these emerging trends and employing these tips, businesses can create more engaging, personalized, and impactful push notifications, thereby fostering stronger connections with their users and driving better conversion rates.

In A Nutshell

In essence, this blog highlights the significance of push notifications, their instrumental role in shaping customer engagement, and offers strategies for effective implementation. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the power of push notifications remains a dynamic force for businesses to connect, engage, and thrive in the ever-competitive market.

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