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Driving Growth with MageNative Giali Lashes' Extraordinary Success Story

14X Mobile App Traffic
40% Average Order Value
20% Conversion Rate
56.2X Return on Investment
Giali Lashes


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About Giali Lashes

Giali Lashes is Australia's premier supplier of eyelash extensions, trusted by over 20,000 lash artists across 30 countries. Founded by Melbourne-based businesswoman Amanda D'Andrea, whose 13 years of expertise and dedication to quality have propelled Giali Lashes to the forefront of the industry.

Amanda is not just a businesswoman but a visionary in her field. Her commitment to quality is reflected in every product bearing the Giali Lashes name.

Giali Lashes
Giali Lashes

How Giali Lashes Found About MageNative

Vincent D'Andrea, the owner of Giali Lashes, discovered MageNative while exploring Shopify. Intrigued by its promise of custom mobile apps with advanced features integrated with Shopify, Vincent was particularly drawn to MageNative's extensive customization options.

These options allow merchants to create a unique app that aligns perfectly with their brand identity, coupled with MageNative's 24/7 robust support. Additionally, positive reviews were a major factor in Vincent's decision to choose MageNative.

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 Giali Lashes

The Challenge

Enhancing User Experience with Intuitive UI and Push Notifications

Vincent D'Andrea, the owner, struggled to find a reliable app builder that offered advanced features and was user- friendly.
The primary issues included the lack of a user-friendly interface and the ability to customize the app to align with the brand's identity. Additionally, without push notifications, Giali Lashes couldn't effectively bring back customers, missing a critical tool for re-engagement.

This rise is directly attributed to the convenience and flexibility it provides our shoppers. With the ability to effortlessly adjust quantities, customers feel empowered to explore more products and add extra items to their carts. Therefore it encouraged  them to make larger purchases and further solidified their position as a leading online fashion store.

The Solution

MageNative's Push Notifications Skyrocketed Giali Lashes' ROI Beyond Expectations

MageNative Mobile App Builder push notification feature became the cornerstone of Giali Lashes' mobile marketing strategy. With timely alerts on exclusive deals, new product launches, and personalized offers, customers were drawn to the Giali Lashes app like never before in merely 6 months.

Toys for a Pound Toys for a Pound

Here's how it helped

  • 40% Increase in Average Order Value (AOV)- By leveraging push notifications to promote upselling opportunities and limited-time offers, Giali Lashes witnessed a substantial increase in AOV on their mobile app compared to their online store website.
  • 14X Surge in Mobile App Traffic- The implementation of push notifications fueled a surge in Mobile App Traffic, outpacing visits to their online store website manifold, indicating heightened customer engagement and interest.
  • 20% Boost in Conversion Rate- Push notifications played a pivotal role in guiding customers through the purchasing journey, resulting in a remarkable 20% improvement in conversion rates on the mobile app compared to the website.
  • 56.2X Return on Investment (ROI)- The strategic integration of push notifications into their mobile commerce strategy yielded impressive returns, with an ROI of 56.2X, highlighting the effectiveness of MageNative's solution in driving results.

MageNative's Loyalty And Bundle Apps Integration Elevated Giali Lashes' Aov

The seamless integration of loyalty app and bundle app by MageNative greatly empowered Giali Lashes. These features not only enhanced customer engagement but also optimized sales strategies, leading to increased customer loyalty and higher average order values.

Loyalty rewards kept customers coming back for more, while bundled offers encouraged additional purchases. Giali Lashes experienced heightened customer satisfaction and improved revenue streams, ultimately propelling their business to new heights.

“Very helpful and great support in addressing any issues that came up. Abhishek was very helpful”

Vincent D’Andrea Owner Giali Lashes

All Things Considered - Giali Lashes' Exponential Growth Is Testimony To The Power Of Push Notifications

Giali Lashes' remarkable growth is a testament to the transformative power of push notifications. In just six months, MageNative's push notification feature became the driving force behind its success.

Also a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience tailored to mobile users, as well as strategic use of analytics to understand customer behavior and optimize marketing efforts, MageNative's mobile app builder proved to be the catalyst for Giali Lashes' exponential growth.

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