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Simply OTP Login

Simply OTP Login’s safe & secure login process eliminates lengthy logins and reduces returns.

More than 50% of users forget their password during the login process. To make the user experience more seamless, MageNative Mobile App Builder integrates with Simply OTP Login.

Simply OTP is a tool that enables users to log in using only an OTP. No more stressing over remembering passwords and frequently changing them. They can easily access your Shopify store by entering a straightforward OTP sent to their registered mobile number, WhatsApp, or email. This application is for clients who frequently lose good clients because of inconsistent login credentials. This is a useful application for keeping current customers and attracting new ones.

You can turn on Simply OTP integration in your MageNative mobile app by performing the following actions.

Step 1- Login to your MageNative App and click on the ‘Supported Integrations’ tab.
Step 2- You’ll find the corresponding integration tab here; click the enable button beneath the Simply OTP tab to facilitate the integration.


Step 3- Once you’ve successfully enabled the integration in your mobile app, you can utilize it in the following manner.

To begin, enter the desired mobile number and click the “Send OTP” button to receive an OTP.

send OTP

Step 4- Now, enter the received OTP and press the “Verify OTP” button to have your phone number verified.

Verify OTP

Step 5- Now, you can update the details corresponding to the verified mobile number.


That’s it 🤩! Now the next time you want to log in, you don’t need to remember your login information; enter your phone number to get an OTP and access your app. This is secure and will spare much of your time manually entering all the details each time when you want to log in.

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