UI/UX In Mobile Apps: Making the Little Details Matter


15, 2022

9:30 pm IST

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Featured Speakers

Puneet Singh

Product Designer

Jasleen Kaur

Sr. Marketing Manager & Strategist


UI and UX is the heart of any mobile app contributing to intuitive experiences that are paramount to any business. Thoughtful design elements, aligned with user expectations go a long way in helping businesses take a frictionless and rhythmic approach to customer satisfaction.

What’s more? It's your mobile app design that's at the forefront, communicating with your customers, building an everlasting image for your company.

Through this webinar right here we aim to navigate through checkpoints spanning across design nuances, the process to get there and managing expectations.

What You’ll Learn


The impact and relevance of mobile app visuals and overall aesthetics for a business, what is in store for 2023


Checkboxes to tick away when creating your brand's visual sentiment to enable businesses to say more with less words


What is the implication of bad UI/UX on your brand and how to avoid it? The nuances of design elements that matter!

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15, 2022

9:30 pm IST

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