In the dynamic world of mobile apps, standing out from the crowd is essential. It’s not just about functionality, user experience plays a pivotal role. This is where the concept of Custom Landing pages steps in, promising to redefine how users interact with mobile applications.

In this blog post, we will thoroughly explore the influence of a custom landing page on boosting customer engagement, retention rate, and the manner in which customers interact with your mobile app. First impressions really matter. When someone first checks out your app, it’s like a first meeting. It sets the tone for how they might see your business. Making appealing landing pages that grab attention helps them learn about your business and gets them interested in what you offer.

Your customer’s perception is your reality. To create a meaningful connection, design your landing page around their interests, thoughts, and expectations.” – Kate Zabriskie.

And the numbers speak volumes:

  • Studies show that mobile apps with personalized landing pages witness a staggering 20% increase in user engagement.
  • Over 60% of users are more likely to revisit and use an app that offers a personalized experience through custom landing pages.
  • Conversion rates skyrocket by up to 50% when users are directed to a customized landing page tailored to their preferences.
  • In this dynamic landscape, harnessing the potential of Custom Landing Pages isn’t just an option; it’s a strategic move toward app excellence.

When your business revolves around mobile apps, a well-crafted app landing page can significantly influence your efforts in driving great user acquisition. This is due to its ability to draw traffic from diverse corners of the web, offering a larger canvas compared to the constraints of the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. So, If you are looking to implement a custom page feature into your mobile app builder with the help of which you can create landing pages to promote specific events, festive offers, or highlight particular features for segmented customers specific to their interests and app journey, in today’s blog, we’ll study about it. 

What is a Custom Landing Page?

Well, the name itself provides a clue: your custom landing page serves as the destination where individuals “land” once they’ve clicked on an ad for your mobile app. This can happen through various avenues, such as social media ads, paid articles, videos, or even QR codes.

In its essence, this webpage, tailor-made to your specific needs, is meticulously crafted to showcase and promote your mobile app to potential users. Typically, it consists of a single page featuring concise content and prominently highlighted download links.

Consider it as your dedicated area to communicate the unique value of your app to potential users, a message that might be easily overlooked if they were simply browsing the app stores on their iPhones or Android devices. View this as your prime opportunity to persuade visitors why they should allocate valuable mobile storage space for your app and build your pitch from there.

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How Custom Landing Pages In Mobile Apps Help In Boosting Conversion Rate?

Custom landing pages assist users in crafting visually appealing pages, thereby boosting both user engagement and the conversion rate.

Watch video for a quick view about Custom Landing Pages Features:

Ensures Personalized Showcase:

Bestow each product or event with the attention it rightfully deserves through custom landing pages. These pages empower you to meticulously craft a tailored journey for your customers, resulting in heightened engagement and a significant boost in conversions. It’s noteworthy that the utilization of personalized content within these custom landing pages can amplify the chances of conversion by a staggering 27%, as affirmed by Localytics.

1. Festive Delights Through Custom Pages:

Embrace the allure of holidays and special occasions by utilizing custom landing pages. With these pages, you have the ability to curate dedicated holiday showcases that captivate your audience’s attention. This approach maximizes the impact of the holiday ambiance, particularly since 88% of users prioritize ease of use, as revealed by Statista.

2. Give Personalized Experiences:

Acknowledge the individuality of your customers and offer them tailored experiences through custom landing pages. Within these pages, the incorporation of A/B testing allows for precise content refinement, leading to an impressive 21% increase in conversion rates compared to traditional mobile websites. Criteo’s research underscores this substantial improvement.

3. Data-Driven Success With Custom Landing Pages:

Dive into the realm of insightful data analytics to further enhance your custom landing pages. By gleaning insights from user behaviors and preferences, you can witness the magical transformation as your conversion rates soar to new heights.

4. Mobile-Friendly Marvels:

When constructing your custom landing pages, prioritize the mobile experience. The integration of responsive design ensures that your customers enjoy a seamless journey, akin to the 20% higher retention rate observed in apps compared to mobile websites, as highlighted by TechCrunch.

5. Urgency And Action:

Forge an unprecedented connection with your customers through push notifications that lead directly to your captivating custom landing pages. Notably, studies reveal that push notifications alone can supercharge conversions by an impressive 7.8%, as demonstrated by Leanplum.

Elevate your mobile app strategy with the power of custom pages. Transform ordinary interactions into extraordinary conversions – it’s time to turn your app into a personalized powerhouse!

When Does Your Mobile App Need Custom Pages?

There exist several strategic approaches to incorporate custom pages into your app marketing plan. Let’s delve into the most commonly employed techniques.

1. You Can Create Custom App Pages To Cater To Different Target Groups.

A prime strategy involves tailoring these pages to resonate with specific audiences. Take the example of BYJUs, an online education provider aiming to engage teachers, parents, and students. Crafting separate custom pages for each audience type can significantly boost engagement and drive more downloads, effectively catering to the diverse interests of each group.

2. Use Custom Pages To Spotlight Particular Promotions Or Seasonal Occasions.

These custom product pages are excellent tools for highlighting targeted offers during promotional events, holidays, and seasonal occurrences. For instance, apps centered around recipes could curate dedicated pages for Thanksgiving or Christmas, integrating distinct screenshots, videos, and holiday-specific keywords.

3. Creating Custom Pages For Particular Product

Custom pages offer a dynamic platform for emphasizing specific product features, enabling seamless focus on different user segments. With the ability to generate dedicated pages for each new feature launch or significant app update, this approach simplifies the process. Furthermore, these distinct pages can be applied to various user categories within your app. To illustrate, using the example of BYJUs, separate pages can be designed for each course type offered—PO, SSC, Clerk, etc.

4. Strengthening User Engagement For Returning Visitors

Another notable advantage of employing Custom Product Pages (CPPs) is the potential for deeper connections with recurring users. These unique pages engage your audience by showcasing new features and presenting content that resonates with their past interactions on your platform.

5. Integrating Web URLs for Enhanced Navigation

Incorporating web URLs into custom pages allows for seamless navigation between the app and external content. Whether directing users to informative blog posts, promotional landing pages, or related websites, web URL linking enhances the overall browsing experience and provides valuable resources to users.

6. Utilizing Countdown Timers for Urgency and Excitement

Implementing countdown timers on custom pages can create a sense of urgency and excitement among users. Whether counting down to a limited-time offer, an upcoming event, or the release of new app features, countdown timers effectively drive engagement and encourage immediate action from users.

7. Interactive Text Boxes for Personalized Messaging

Incorporating interactive text boxes on custom pages enables personalized messaging and communication with users. From inviting feedback and suggestions to offering exclusive promotions and discounts, text boxes provide a direct channel for user interaction and engagement, fostering a stronger connection between the app and its audience

Examples of Landing Pages From Top Brands

#1. Nike

The landing page of Nike’s app is highly focused on driving action. The layout of the page is strategically designed to encourage conversions immediately. It’s necessary to notice the QR code positioned in the header, which promptly directs visitors to the app store.


This bold placement demonstrates Nike’s unparalleled confidence. Instead of trying to persuade, they promptly present a call to action to their visitors. Being a widely recognized brand, they can easily pull off this approach. We’re all familiar with Nike’s identity and its product range.

#2 Ibotta

Ibotta excels in providing its app users with an enticing proposition: cashback on a diverse range of items, including essential goods and groceries, by simply uploading receipts from specific stores. This unique offering is the key to setting Ibotta apart from the competition.

The Ibotta app landing page exemplifies an intelligent approach to user acquisition. Besides the standard download buttons, the landing page provides a user-friendly option to receive the app download link via SMS. This thoughtful feature ensures a smooth transition for users across various devices, seamlessly accommodating their preferences and habits.


What’s particularly remarkable about Ibotta’s landing page is its minimalist design. Ibotta has created a clear and straightforward pathway for conversion by keeping distractions at bay and eliminating any unnecessary clutter. Users are presented with a focused and uncluttered environment that guides them toward the desired action—downloading the app and taking advantage of the cashback benefits.

In sum, Ibotta’s approach to its customized landing page demonstrates a compelling fusion of strategic incentives, user-centered design, and streamlined functionality. This combination piques users’ interest and guides them effortlessly toward becoming active app users, all while enjoying the benefits of cashback on their purchases.

#3 Notion

The main emphasis of the page revolves around highlighting the benefits of the mobile app for those who are already utilizing it, while keeping in mind that Notion primarily functions as a desktop application. This approach ensures that the advantages of the mobile app are effectively conveyed to the target audience.

Notion effectively utilizes empty space to its benefit. There are no vibrant backgrounds or any other elements that distract from the presentation of the mobile app’s functionality and its practical value.


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In A Nutshell

In a world where personalization is paramount, custom landing pages for mobile apps stand as a beacon of conversion success. With 89% of US marketers reporting revenue growth through website and app customization, the proof is in the numbers.

These tailored landing pages aren’t just about aesthetics; they’re about capturing curiosity, igniting engagement, and driving that coveted “download” click. As we delve into insights from leading brands, it’s clear that 2023 is the year to embrace this strategy.

But this isn’t a journey you have to embark on alone.

Meet MageNative, your technology ally. With their cutting-edge solution, crafting landing pages that reflect your brand essence becomes a reality. Personalized online experiences aren’t a luxury; they’re the path to unparalleled gains.
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