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Spice Check Witnessed 3X High ROI with MageNative's Custom Built Feature Rich Mobile App

3.6X Mobile App Launch
78% Sales From Mobile App
15% Average Order Value
80% Order Received



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About Spice Check

Spice Check is a premier online destination offering the finest quality Indian grocery products at affordable prices. Their mission is to bring rich flavors and a diverse range of products from India and beyond to customers' doorsteps while ensuring uncompromising quality.
Spice Check24
Spice Check

How Spice Check Found About MageNative

Spice Check discovered MageNative while browsing through the list of relevant apps on the Shopify app store. Impressed by MageNative's excellent ratings, download counts, and popularity, Spice Check recognized MageNative as a reliable solution provider for their mobile app needs.

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 Spice check24

The Challenge

Spice Check Aimed For Loyal Customers And Business Expansion But Faced Uncertainties. Spice Check faced the challenge of expanding its business and realized the importance of having a mobile app to better connect with customers, improve operations, and boost revenue. Moreover, they encountered hurdles in integrating third-party apps such as loyalty and subscription programs to elevate customer retention and generate recurring revenue.

The Solution

MageNative Incorporated Third-Party Apps To Enhance Repeat Purchases For Spice Check MageNative collaborated with Spice Check to develop a customized mobile app tailored to their specific requirements. They implemented third-party loyalty and subscription apps to incentivize repeat purchases and encourage customer retention. With these programs, customers are encouraged to shop regularly, leading to increased sales and revenue for Spice Check

Chat Icon Integration: Enhancing Customer Satisfaction for Spice Check Customer

Additionally, MageNative integrated a chat icon to enhance customer support and communication, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. This allowed Spice Check to provide real-time assistance to customers, address their queries promptly, and offer personalized guidance throughout their shopping journey.

Implemented the "Build a Box" Feature for Streamlined Subscription Experience

Furthermore, MageNative developed a "build a box" feature, enabling customers to customize their orders and subscribe to specific products. This innovative addition transformed the shopping experience, offering unparalleled customization options and streamlining the subscription process,

Introduced Tiered Pricing With Exclusive Benefits To Boost Conversion Rates

They also implemented tiered pricing and discounts based on membership levels to drive customer loyalty and increase revenue . Hence, customers are influenced to complete a transaction upon feeling they are getting a good deal or exclusive benefits, leading to higher conversion rates. Lastly, MageNative created separate shopping carts for normal and subscription products to streamline the checkout process and reduce cart abandonment.
spice check24 spice check24
“Outstanding service from the MageNative team. They crafted a top-tier mobile app perfectly suited for our business expansion. Highly recommend MageNative!”
Nagasaree Owner Spicecheck24

Summing It Up - Custom Functionalities Empower Spice Check To Boost Business Profitability To New Heights

With MageNative's expertise and tailored solutions, Spice Check successfully launched its mobile app, achieving its goals of expanding its business, enhancing customer engagement, and increasing profitability. The integration of loyalty and subscription programs, along with other advanced features, has resulted in improved customer retention, higher revenue, and a seamless shopping experience for Spice Check's customers.

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