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Toys for a Pound saw a Big Boost in Average Order Value using MageNative

63% increase in App Revenue

Upto 35% increase in App Downloads

Toys for a Pound
Toy for a Pound


eCommerce Store


50k+ App Downloads
428+ App Reviews
70% ROI with the mobile app
The Average Order Value (AOV) stands as a pivotal metric for online businesses, directly influencing revenue and profitability. A higher AOV translates to increased revenue without the need for additional customer acquisition efforts. It demonstrates that customers perceive the store's products as worth spending more money on, reinforcing its position as a go to store.

About Toys for a Pound

Toys for a Pound is one of the UK's favorite online toy stores, offering a wide range of affordable toys, collectibles, and merchandise. With a commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, Toys for a Pound has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. Their team boasts over a century of collective knowledge in sourcing top-quality fun toys and figurines. Whether you're a superhero enthusiast, a collectible connoisseur, or simply looking for affordable fun toys for the little ones, you'll never be disappointed.
Toys for a Pound
Toys for a Pound

How Toys for a Pound Found About MageNative

Alex, the owner of Toy for a Pound, stumbled upon MageNative Mobile App Builder while browsing the Shopify App Store. Drawn in by the positive reviews, he was impressed by the straightforward feedback from satisfied customers. With MageNative's reputation for simplicity and effectiveness, Alex felt confident it was the right choice to enhance Toy for a Pound's online presence.

The Challenge

Overcoming Sales Hurdles: Implementing  a Quantity Editor Feature at Toy for a Pound As customers browsed through the Toy for a Pound store, they were disappointed to find that they couldn't choose the quantity of items they wanted to purchase. Frustrated by this limitation, many potential buyers abandoned their carts, resulting in lower sales despite high quality items. Alex discovered that lack of a quantity editor feature made it difficult for customers to customize their orders according to their preferences. It prompted Alex to seek a solution that would enhance the shopping experience and drive higher sales.
Toys for a Pound

Alex's Testimonial

The major reasons of selecting MageNative apps were the good app speed performance and easy configuration whereas in their previous app builder they had to face a lot of issues like banner mismatch in Android and iOS, poor App Performance, and their intent to make them purchase yearly plans without a proper roadmap.

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Toys for a Pound

The Solution

Incorporating a Quantity Editor Feature Skyrocketed Toy For A Pound's Average Order Value We seamlessly incorporated a quantity editor feature into the Toy for a Pound mobile app. As a result,  a substantial boost of 14% in their Average Order Value (AOV). This rise is directly attributed to the convenience and flexibility it provides our shoppers. With the ability to effortlessly adjust quantities, customers feel empowered to explore more products and add extra items to their carts. Therefore it encouraged  them to make larger purchases and further solidified their position as a leading online toy store.

Incorporating Quantity Editor Enhanced Shopping Experiences as following

  • Enhanced convenience- The quantity editor allowed customers to adjust the quantity of items in their carts, providing them with greater control over their purchases.
  • Increased flexibility- Customers can easily explore more products and add extra items to their carts without constraints, leading to larger orders.
  • Improved customer satisfaction- He seamless shopping experience offered by the quantity editor feature enhances customer satisfaction, driving repeat purchases and loyalty.
  • Competitive advantage- By offering this convenient feature, Toys for a Pound distinguishes itself from competitors and reinforces its position as a customer-centric online toy store.
Social login functionality proved to be a strategic move for Toys for a Pound Integrating social login functionality into the Toys for a Pound app was a game-changer, streamlining the user experience and driving significant benefits for the business.

Here's how it helped

  • Faster Checkout- Social login made the checkout process quicker and more convenient. Users could access their saved information from their Social Media Profiles, expediting the Checkout Process and Reducing Cart Abandonment Rates.
  • Personalized Experience- Social login offered valuable user data, enabling personalized recommendations and targeted marketing for Toys for a Pound

MageNative Personalized Support Impressed Toys for a Pound Beyond Expectation

Alex's positive experience with MageNative's support team highlights our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Through personalized assistance and expert guidance, MageNative ensured that Alex felt empowered to utilize the  mobile app builder to its fullest potential.
How MageNative’s Support Team Ensured Seamless App Functionality
  • Expert guidance to ensure compatibility concerns, integration issues, security concerns, and app store compliance issues were effectively resolved.
  • Support team played a pivotal role in assisting Alex with the challenges related to app store submission requirements.
  • The support team worked diligently to resolve slow loading times and lagging animations.

All Things Considered - Toys for a Pound’s Tale of Transformation And Triumph

The journey of Toys for a Pound with MageNative has been one of exemplary success. By addressing key challenges such as the lack of a quantity editor feature and implementing strategic solutions like social login functionality, Toys for a Pound has not only enhanced its shopping experience but also achieved significant improvements in average order value and customer satisfaction. As we look to the future, the partnership between Toys for a Pound and MageNative Mobile App Builder remains strong, with exciting opportunities for further innovation and success on the horizon.

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