Drive Success with Cutting-Edge Coupon Code Strategies

Coupon Code

Drive Success with Cutting-Edge Coupon Code Strategies

How common do you earn coupons while using a particular app? And how often do you forget to apply the coupon during checkout?

You feel it, right?

Well, would you like your users to get the same feeling? Definitely, no, right?

MageNative takes an initiative to minimize that Arghh feel among your customers with coupon code feature.

What do the coupon codes do?

It ensures that not a single customer forgets to apply the coupons they have earned. On MageNative app, users will get the list of all coupons available on the checkout page. No matter if the coupon is applicable for that purchase or not, if users have earned any coupon and if it’s valid till then (not expired yet) , it will be visible on the checkout page.

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What are the benefits of showing all the coupon codes altogether?

By using this feature, your users can

  • Copy the code and directly check whether any of the coupons is applicable or not
  • Get discount on current purchase

This feature basically aims to remove users’ regret while making a purchase. MageNative wants that your users leave with a smile that they have redeemed one of the vouchers and got the product at a lower price. It can thereby bring future recommendations to your app and grow your overall business.


  1. Can my users view all the coupons at one place with this feature?

Yes, all the vouchers will be visible to your users altogether during checkout.

  1. How can the users access these coupons?

They can check if the coupon code is applicable or not during a particular purchase. If it is applicable, they can directly copy/paste it to apply it during the purchase.

  1. Is it possible that the users are unable to get the benefit of a coupon they already have?

Yes, it is possible that the users are unable to get the benefits of the coupon they have. We all know that coupons come with particular terms and conditions. Only if the purchase suits these conditions, the coupon will be applicable. It is also possible that the coupon has already expired. So, yes, this scenario may occur, but at least users will not miss applying the coupon like before – that will be a satisfaction to them.

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