Win Over Customers Instantly: First Order Discounts with MageNative Mobile App

First Order Discount

Win Over Customers Instantly: First Order Discounts with MageNative Mobile App

Are you looking for some more traffic on your mobile app?


Want to pull traffic right from your website?

Let’s achieve these goals in a clever way – MageNative is going to assist you there!

Introducing – First Order Sale: 

First Order Sale is an exclusive feature on MageNative Shopify Apps that pops up an unavoidable offer as soon as a customer places the order on your website. And the trick here is, that lucrative offer can only be availed if the purchase is made using your app, instead of the website.

Yes, First Order Sale feature is deliberately curated to create an urge among the users to get the same purchase at a lower price only by transacting with the mobile app. With this, your app manages to occupy a space in the users’ mobile device and you can notify them easily. And if things go well, you will be able to get more purchases from them.

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This feature basically works to influence the users by offering a tempting deal and it can bring magical results for your overall business.



First Order Sale will create an exclusive discount on the first purchase using the mobile app for ONLY ONCE. From next purchase onwards, users will only get the ongoing offers on your app.

This special discount will pull the customer on the app store – you will get more app downloads, more traffic and conversion on it.

You have to enable this feature from the admin panel of your mobile app and on enabling it, you will be able to select the percentage rate of discount you want to offer on first purchase on the app.

Key Benefits:

  • More traffic on the app
  • More transaction
  • More interaction on the app

Steps and process – will be added once received


  1. Will there be any specific discount that I can use while using First Order Sale?

No, we are flexible enough! We will give you several options from where you can select the discount percentage and offer it to your users.

  1. When can my buyers get the recommendation of using the app?

If you have enabled the first order sale feature on your Shopify mobile app, your recommendation will pop up on users’ devices while placing the order.


  1. What actually works when users get the recommendation of using the app for placing their first order? 

Ideally, it is the discounts! Users have to pay more to place the order if they are using the website. But first order sales give the opportunity to place the same order in a lower amount. There is a very high possibility that your customers will use the app to get this benefit.

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