Reach Customers in Real-Time: MageNative’s Mobile App Notifications

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Reach Customers in Real-Time: MageNative’s Mobile App Notifications

Do you often try to find the important notification that you mistakenly swiped away?

Do you get that notification back?

It happens to everyone! Well it may happen to your users as well but MageNative in its mobile app, takes the initiative to fix this problem permanently!

Introducing the Notification Center feature on MageNative Shopify apps!

No more missing important notifications!
No more missing out on exclusive deals!
No more missing the stock/restocking alert!

MageNative enables all your users to get all the notifications back anytime from the notification center. Be it the special offers or any alert, no matter how old these notifications are – your customers can view it. Unless the offer expires, customers can avail it.

What can the notification center bring to the app?

Buyers with a positive purchasing intent often wait for special offers, heavy discounts, etc. Now, mobile apps come with AI power, which undoubtedly notifies buyers regarding the same.

But the problem is the TIMING – maybe the customer is notified at the wrong time, as a result, the notification is just swiped away along with all the other useless notifications that come up.

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Notification center comes to solve this problem – it stores all these notifications within. These can be accessed anytime by the users.


1. Where can the users find the notification center option on their mobile app?

The notification center option is available in the bottom navigation bar of the mobile app.

2. As an app owner, do I need to enable the notification center option on my mobile app?

No, not at all – you will get this feature by default on your mobile app – you do not need to do anything on your own to turn on this feature.

3. Is a notification center even needed in a mobile app?

Yes, indeed! Remember how often you mistakenly swipe away an important notification and then repent for it? The notification center feature will resolve this problem forever!

If a customer has added a product on the cart and is waiting for a good deal to make the purchase, you will have to notify him/her with the offer. Sometimes, users get a number of unnecessary notifications on their mobile device, and amidst so many unnecessary notifications, users may miss out the important notifications. As a result, they just miss the offer, and they may not purchase the products.

Notification center helps the users to find all the notifications under one roof – even though they have skipped the notification when it actually came, they can get it here, and by tapping on it, they can get the details.

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