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Let’s Partner- Brace Yourself For Greatness

MageNative Partnership Program- Exclusive Access To Our Treasured Resources With Commission Opportunities.

    MageNative is the perfect partnership option for you. Collaborating with MageNative immediately raises the curtain to 30000+ audience and paves the way for commissions and technological benefits.


    Our exclusive program for affiliate partners offers guaranteed rewards and recurring returns. An affiliate partnership brings abundant opportunities for exposure and penetration among cross-country audiences.


    Refer MageNative to your potential audience by joining our referral program and grabbing assured monetary returns and app benefits.

    Tech Partners

    Get access to new markets, and ensure success in the business landscape, all while managing growth sustainably, by becoming our tech partner.


    Become our co marketing partner to explore new demographics, unlock new markets and achieve mutual goals.

    It’s time to evolve, scale, and skyrocket your business!

    In MageNative, you'll find the perfect partner to drive exponential business growth- an arsenal to tackle every roadblock. Let's collaborate for dominance over transforming digital landscapes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The queries you have in mind regarding Partner have already been answered in our FAQ section.

    How to get started with the partner program of MageNative?

    Once you fill-up the form an account manager will be assigned to you for further guidance through the process.

    What kind of partnerships can be applied for ?

    There are various programs to choose from. Do connect with the partnerships manager to learn about MageNative partnerships.

    What perks do the partners get against joining the partnership program?

    We offer a wide range of incentives upon forming successful partnerships with us. These perks are inclusive of commissions, co-marketing collaterals and other rewards.

    What is the commission structure for affiliate partnerships?

    The commission rates vary from 10 to 25% subject to specific terms and conditions. For more details visit .

    Learning opportunities with MageNative

    Our rich knowledge sections are must-visit spots for e-commerce and mobile app enthusiasts.

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