How 5 Brands grow their Business via

Mobile App Marketing Strategy


Radioshack is a well-known name in the US market, with over 8000 stores worldwide. By touch-optimizing its store locator and adding click-to-call and GPS functions to its mobile app. Radioshack converted more than 50 percent of its store locators into in-store visitors.

Not only that but, by including a simple update in their mobile app marketing strategy.

They have also been able to raise their average order value by more than 25%, lower their CPC by 5%,

and increase organic traffic to their website with a straightforward yet effective change.


Global sports industry leader Adidas has turned the table and done a marvelous job and proved how a mobile app marketing strategy could also help to grow brick-and-mortar sales to an unbelievable extent.

Working on the newly planned strategy they have managed to bring some exceptional results such as:-

Achieved 20% store locator to in-store conversion

Brought 680% ROI through a mobile app

Just Eat

A Global food delivery and marketplace founded in 2000 operating and connecting consumers and restaurants in 23 countries. They faced a challenge when they had to increase their order volume and improve their app campaigns in order to gain more user base.

With a simple app analytical approach (via Google Analytics) to their app and analyzing important conversion factors and openings which helps them conduct their app campaigns more effectively as well as their app orders increased by 20% and a 15% downfall in cost per order.

Shopee is South Asia’s largest ecommerce platform which serves its consumers and sellers in over 12 countries starting in 2015, catering to 343 visitors monthly. But ensuring a quality and seamless shopping experience for their huge user base has been a big challenge for them.


By doing so they have managed to convert their traffic by 20X and have seen a significant 126% increase in their checkout experience.


Progrexion is a U.S.-based independently operated law firm that deals in credit repair services and helps people solve their financial aspects. But helping people isn’t just gonna run the shop for you. You need visitors for that if you are doing it online.

This didn't work because people were less informed and not fully prepared to make a purchase. So they revamp their marketing strategy by retargeting their mobile ads and adding a click-to-call to their sales people.

'' It will transform your entire business ”

Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations