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Your Cheerleading Audience Awaits You. Pitch Your Blog Idea With A Quick Piece

Guidelines for Article Submission

  • Refrain from content copying practices. We are strictly against plagiarism. 
  • Our blog submission guidelines consider the specific niche category of Shopify mobile apps. Within this category, you can include niches such as loyalty programs & rewards, product recommendations, product review apps, multi-language & RTL support, order tracking, order return and Product filter & Search features.  
  • Exclude incorrect and obsolete information from your article. The topic should be genuinely well-researched by you. 
  • Bear in mind that your content modification and publishing rights remain with MageNative.  
  • The submitted article should be at least 1500 words. 
  • A decent article structure with headers, sub-headers and short paragraphs is desired.  
  • Submission free of grammatical errors takes precedence.  
  • Avoid self-promotion in your submissions to maintain the quality and credibility of our blog.   
  • Submit your article in .doc or .pdf format. Any unacceptable file format won’t get uploaded. 
  • Insert a brief author bio in your article before uploading. 
  • You get allowed 1 follow-link directed toward your brand or products. 

Other Do's and Don'ts for Images

  • Submit the original article excluding images.   
  • If necessary, upload graphs & charts separately.     
  • Include the reference link for resources within your draft.  

Don’t Hesitate.

Send your Impromptu Pitch!

You will hear back from MageNative within 10 days of submission. You don’t, your pitch wasn’t accepted. But you can try again, we’ll love to have you write for us.

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