For quite a few years now, social media is no longer just a platform for just like, comment, and share! Currently, it serves as a platform for expanding and popularizing businesses.

Social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, WeChat, WhatsApp, Reddit, Telegram, Snapchat, etc. But among all these Instagram is a platform that is known for
1. Producing the most engaging content
2. Most useful photo-sharing app
3. Immense popularity among the young generation

So, what about a smart integration of Instagram feed on your mobile app for a bigger and brighter business?

Yes, integrating Instagram feed on your mobile app is possible and it brings multi-dimensional benefits to your business. Eager to know how?

In-App Instagram Feed – What Is It & How Does It Work?

In-app Instagram feed is a special feature that displays all your Insta activities right on your mobile app. For example, your users can view your Insta posts (single/multi-image posts, reels, and videos) on your mobile app in 3×3 (variation allowed) grids.

In simpler words, whatever you post on Instagram except for the stories, it will be visible right on your mobile app. And on clicking in the picture or video or reels on your mobile app, the users will reach your Instagram page.

As a result, integrating your Instagram feed on your mobile app helps you to connect your users to your Instagram page. While accessing your app they can switch to Instagram simply by clicking any image on the in-app Insta feed section. In other words, your mobile app can be used to see your Instagram feed; how cool is that?

On the other side, the caption of your Instagram post will have a link that will take the visitors directly to the mobile app. With this, you can be more popular on social media and get conversions on your app.

A picture below is shown to explain how an in-app Insta feed looks on a mobile app:

Instagram Feed app

So, Why Specifically Instagram?

Now the question is, there are so many social media apps, but why the emphasis on Instagram?

The numbers below will answer this question!

Instagram is one of the most Gen Y and Z-friendly social media apps and to accelerate your business, this huge number of users will always be a positive factor. In this way, Instagram feed becomes a useful feature for your mobile app.

Does In-App Insta Feed Bring Business Growth?

Yes, it does! You have so far understood the huge number of users on Instagram. And you might be wondering how these high number of active users bring value to your business – the flowchart below will help you understand the same:

Huge number of users

Very high usage frequency

Posts get a higher reach in a short span

Virality of the content is an option

And you must be aware of the power of viral content at present – it directly helps a business for instant and long-term growth. 

Tricks and tips you were always finding out are right here:

Importance Of In-App Instagram Feed In Present Day Business Scenario

Importance Of Instagram Feed app

Now, it’s a fact that integration of In-App Insta Feed is beneficial for business. Yet, some merchants often make feature-rich mobile apps and ignore the integration of in-app Instagram Feed to it. As a result, they miss out on some of the biggest opportunities – but, you definitely don’t want to be one of them, right?

Well, we want you to be a gainer always – so, we are breaking down the results In-app Instagram Feed brings for your business:

1. Get Noticed And Recognized

Instagram comes with a huge number of users and active hours per Insta user are pretty high. As it is shown earlier, the majority of Instagram users are heavy users. So, a post on Instagram feed has more potential to be viewed on Insta itself as well as on your mobile app.

The more the audience views a post, the more you have the possibility of getting clicks. As a result, your website and your mobile app will get more traffic. Also, your Instagram post helps your brand name to be recognized too.

2. Increase Followers

As Instagram has a huge number of followers, active and smart Instagram usage can assist you in getting followers. More followers on Instagram can attract more users to check out your products and eventually your mobile app. It means some of your followers will become your app visitor and eventually customers.

3. Create Brand Identity

Nowadays creating a positive brand image seems a big deal but Instagram feeds on a mobile app make this task easier. Every time a user sees a post on Instagram, your brand icon will be showcased.

If your logo has simplicity and uniqueness, users will remember it for a long time. Alternatively, if your Insta posts have the catch, those will be very easily remembered.
As a result, the next time they come across your new post, they don’t mind pausing their newsfeed scroll and having a look at your post. So, you can build credibility and reliability for your brand itself which will assist you in the future.

4. Take a Competitive Advantage

Use of social media takes any brand ahead of the competition and popularity on Instagram will be an added advantage here. Instagram is not just a platform for brand-building, it is also a great place to showcase products.

If you are even a light user of Instagram and run this app for even one hour each day, you must have come across 10+ posts from different brands as ads or as suggested posts. And the best part of Insta posts is that these can create a strong urge for the #Igers to tap on the post, like it, and hit the link in the caption. It will readily take you ahead of your competitors, especially when you are dealing with the goods of millennials’ interest.

5. Create Pre-Sales With Ease

Instagram feed will also help in creating some excellent pre-sales activities that bring more traffic to your mobile app. So, get ready to grab the attention of your target buyers with smart pre-sales activities.

For the startups whose products are at the prototyping stage, pre-sales activities on Instagram feed are like a power tool. They can share some interesting reels of their company culture, team, product glimpses, and even a small part of product making, etc.

This will make the brand familiar to the target audience and tempt them to try your products at least once after launching.

6. Boost Conversion

All the 5 points mentioned above will ultimately result in a higher conversion for your business. For example, your business will have a slow but sure growth collectively with

  • More views
  • Higher traffic
  • More followers
  • Positive brand image
  • Cool pre-sales activities
  • Competitive advantage

So, the more you can utilize the Instagram feed on your mobile app, the more business you will be able to generate.

Now, the importance of Instagram feed integration on your mobile app is revealed – but the process of incorporating it into your app is a bit dicey. The reason is you need to use Instagram mostly for generating conversions. So, your way of using Instagram will be a bit different from that of the influencers and other Igers.

In the next segment of this article, you will get some pro tips to use Instagram in the most effective way! Check these out as well!

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Tips For Using In-App Insta Feed Like A Pro

Tips For Using Instagram Feed app

The golden rule of posting on Instagram that can bring better business results is to be color-coordinated, and consistent. Let’s simplify this with these 8 tips:

1. Take Not More Than 5 Photos To Display

Aesthetics are the USPs of Instagram feeds while they reflect on your mobile app. So make sure that your posts appeal to the users at very first glance.

On Instagram image posts, a maximum of 10 pictures are allowed. But to keep your customers engaged, it will be better to pick 5 images for each post. So, be a bit picky with the images. You can take 1-5 pictures per post.

Once you are done choosing the pictures, resize them so that it fits on your Insta account. Remember, all the pictures should have high quality. Avoid blurry images to get users’ attention.

2. Maintain Cohesion Of the Color Palette

Now, moving on to the color coordination part of the images, keep the background color of the images the same for all your pictures. Even when you are showcasing a product, make sure the images follow the same or at least a similar theme to create an individual brand impression.

Use of a few shade light and dark versions of the theme color will be a good idea, but try not to go beyond that.

Maintain Cohesion Of the Color Palette Instagram Feed app
Source: Pinterest

3. Use the Grid Planning Tool

Instagram visual grid planner is a popular feature of Instagram and you can use other apps to make your posts in a unique and engaging way. There are a handful of apps available for this and the main task of these apps is to split your picture into different grid patterns and post these directly on your Instagram feed and display these on your mobile app.

Grid Planning Tool
Source: Adobe

4. Strategize And Schedule The Posts

Consistency is the key to social media marketing. So, you need to be consistent to build a rapport on Instagram.

It is advised to strategize the entire month or at least a week beforehand. However, you may need a few urgent posts (for some special event, appreciation post, etc). You will have to design these images urgently and post these.

5. Use Original Content

No matter what you post, be sure to maintain originality. Unless you post original content, the comment section of your post will be filled with negative comments, and you probably do not want that, do you?

So, maintain originality on your Insta feed to get positive results on your mobile app. Be it the Insta creatives or the captions, try to be original. You can take references from others but do not imitate that.

6. Add a Variety Of Post To Be Trendy

You will probably not want your Insta feed to appear boring, right? Like product-related posts only? Nah.. that will be too boring!

To avoid this, you need to add variety to your posts. For example, 2-3 feature/product showcasing posts will be more than enough. You can use still images or videos for the same. 1 post a week must include knowledge/statistic sharing – it can be an image or GIF or video.

The rest of the posts of the week should be for special days, important events, trending news, partnership, company culture, teamwork, etc.

While making the Instagram sheet, make sure your feed should look interesting and worth scrolling. Only promotional posts or only memes will make your Instagram feed dull and seeing this on your app, your users will not have the urge to check your Insta page. So, keep this in mind.

Variety Of Post Instagram Feed app
Source: Brafton

7. Use Hashtags

Every single day, hundreds of thousands of posts are made on Instagram, and to make your post stand out, you need to use a few hashtags with each of your posts.

On Google, you will get many hashtag generators to get the most related hashtags for your post. Also, you may get hashtag suggestions while making the post.

8. Engage With Your Buyers

Last but not the least, engagement is essential on any social media platform and Instagram is no exception. Whatever you post on your Instagram feed, no matter how many users comment – revert and make them feel special to get them on your app.
Once you value them, they will find you reliable to make transactions with. So, engage with them, identify their needs and create exclusive offers for them.

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End Words

To conclude, the use of Instagram just to post is now old – integrating the Instagram feed into your app is the new normal.

At present, Instagram sets the trends and those trends stay for quite a long time. And the trends Instagram set generate business of millions of dollars. So, by adding Instagram to a mobile app, you can keep your Instagram feed on your app, and you can keep your users more connected.

So, would you like to be a part of this trend by adding an Instagram feed on your mobile app?

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