On Google Play Store and iOS App Store one can get over 5 million mobile apps. But not all of these are capable of retaining users. Apps primarily serve to simplify the buying/ordering process for users, and to do this seamlessly, they often require extra support. Now, the question is where to get this support? The answer is Plugins!  A list of must-have apps and plugins for Shopify apps is curated exclusively for you to make your mobile app more productive than ever.
Before you dive into the list must have plugins for your Shopify mobile app – a little knowledge sharing is here:

What Is A Plugin On The Mobile App?

Plugins are the extra software that one can add on a mobile app to

  1. Enhance app’s performance
  2. Appeal more users
  3. Get more conversions

In easier words, a user needs a premium experience and features on the mobile app. Consequently, a mobile app needs to integrate several plugins in order to provide users with everything they need.

Why Do You Need Plugins For Your Shopify Mobile App?

In the simplest terms, plugins extend the functionalities of a Shopify mobile app to make the app more and more impressive to the users. This is why plugins are the perfect addons for mobile apps

So, you may wonder if your Shopify app has limitations for which external plugins are needed.

Well, no! Your app is capable enough to handle  users’ requirements. But the plugins give more power to the buyers to access anything anytime that too without switching to any other app or website.

You can say plugins aim at satisfying the end users with an extensive set of functionalities, thereby unwrapping easier operations on your mobile app. So, plugins are essential on Shopify mobile apps.

App And Plugins: How Do They Work?

must-have Shopify apps
You can understand a plugin’s work procedure better by looking at the example below:

For example, you have developed an app with certain features. But what if the users need something other than the features you have added? It can simply be resolved by adding a plugin!

When you add a plugin to your Shopify mobile app, you allow complete access to that software. And the best part is you are not forcing, not even asking the users to get that software separately to enjoy all its offerings. Impressive, isn’t it?

What Is the Difference Between A Plugin And An Extension?

In technical terms, plugins are the executable object codes, where extensions are the source codes.

For non-techies, plugins are the third-party apps that bring their entire functionalities on embedding these. In short, this makes the apps more capable. It is an additional program for your apps.

Extensions, on the other hand, are small software that enhances functionality till it is installed.

Basically, plugins and extensions both come with an aim of enhancing the functionalities of an app or website. But one comes with complete access and one comes with partial functionality.

What Are The Must-have Apps And Plugins For Shopify Mobile Apps?

On the Shopify app store, one can get plugins to complete different tasks, that’s why we have segregated the plugins based on their functionalities. You may pick ones as per your preferences.

Below, you will get the must-have Shopify mobile apps plugins for:

  1. Mobile app builder
  2. Search and filter
  3. Product recommendations
  4. Product review
  5. Size chart
  6. Translation
  7. Chat
  8. Pickup and delivery
  9. Order tracking
  10. Order returns
  11. Loyalty programs and rewards
  12. Buy now pay later

So, dive into the category you want smoother in your Shopify app and add the plugin

1. Must-have Apps And Plugins for Shopify Mobile App Builder

In order to make a Shopify mobile app, days of complicated codes have now passed. Merchants can make their own mobile app without anyone’s assistance. The simple “drag and drop” mobile app builder can bridge the gap between their business and a mobile app. This is why it is a must-have apps & plugins for the Shopify mobile apps.

Eager to know the best mobile app builder? Here is it:

a. MageNative

MageNative mobile app builder
Mobile App Builder is one of the best mobile app builders on Shopify that enables the merchants to make their app in the easiest way possible. From an exclusive list of features and themes, they can pick any.

And the best part of MageNative mobile app builder is that the maker does not need to write a single line of code – yes it is a totally coding-free plugin. So, the merchants can update their app anytime without depending on the developers.

Maker: CedCommerce

Shopify App Store Rating:4.8


30-days free trial

Basic: 49/month

Growth: 69/month

Enterprise: 99/month

Build Robust And Fascinating Shopify Mobile App With MageNative!

When users download a mobile app, it is the responsibility of the app to return exactly what the users search for. For this reason, proper search and filter apps are must-have in Shopify mobile apps. Here is the best plugin you can try:

a. Algolia: Search And Discovery

algolia magenative
Algolia comes with robust APIs and the power of AI to provide the best search results to users which results in a personalized experience for the users. This plugin comes with search auto completion feature, typo tolerance, synonyms management, filters and facets.

With all these features, Algolia ensures that the users get relevant search results very fast. By adding this on your Shopify mobile app, you can return accurate results to the users and increase engagement and conversions accordingly.

Maker: Algolia

Shopify App Store Rating: 3.4



Standard: $1/month

Premium: $1.50/month

Check out the process of adding Algolia on your app right here!

3. Must-have Apps And Plugins For Product Recommendations

Along with returning accurate search results, merchants often aim at cross-sell and upsell, especially during the festive seasons. For this, you can use the plugins on your Shopify mobile apps to send them personalized recommendations.

Check below to know the must-have product recommendation Apps and Plugins for Shopify mobile apps:

a. Personalized Recommendations

personalized recommendations
Product Recommendations aim at bringing the products to the notice of your buyers. The personalized recommendations and frequently bought together items often have a very high potential to be viewed and purchased. As a result, the shopping cart value and your revenue increase.

At present, GAP, POLÈNE, NICOBAR and many other brands are using this plugin.

Maker: Glood AI

Shopify App Store Rating: 4.7



Basic: $19.99/month

Pro: $69.99/month

Plus: $299.99/month

Find out: How to add Product Recommendation plugin on your Shopify app

4. Must-have Apps And Plugins For Product Review App

Once you successfully showcase the recommended products to your buyers, you need to impress them so that they can make a purchase decision. Reviews help in doing so which makes the review apps must-have on your Shopify mobile app.

a. Ali Reviews – Product Reviews

ali reviews
Ali Reviews – Product Reviews enable an aesthetically pleasing display of the reviews on the product pages with some cool widgets. Also, the merchants will be able to gather reviews easily. This is one of the highest-rated and best apps to use with Shopify to get authentic reviews.

With this plugin, publish, hide, filter, and manage reviews you will be able to create a power-packed impact on your end-users.

Maker: FireApps

Shopify App Store Rating: 4.9



Starter: $9.90/month

Essential: $19.90/month

Premium: $49.90/month

Check out the step by step process of adding Ali Reviews 

b. Product Reviews

product reviews by Shopify
This simple Product review plugin, exclusively developed by Shopify, aims to gather reviews from buyers. So, in case you are looking for better engagement with your customer, this plugin will definitely help you.

Maker: Shopify

Shopify App Store Rating: 3.5



Want to add product review on your app? Check out the steps!

c. Judge.me Product Reviews

Judge.me product review is one of the most popular and best apps to use with Shopify. It also helps the merchants to collect authentic reviews and ratings along with social proofs to make their app/website more reliable to the users. As a result, you get more organic traffic on your app/store and ensure higher conversion.

Maker: Judge.me

Shopify App Store Rating:5.0


Forever Free

Awesome: $15/month

Add Judge.me product review on your app now!

5. Must-have Apps And Plugins For Size Chart

Items purchased using a mobile app, especially the apparels always have a possibility of return in case it has a fit issue. To resolve this issue, size chart Shopify apps are all you need.

You can get a handful of plugins related to Size charts on the Shopify app store and minimize the risk of returns on your mobile app.

a. Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender

must-have Shopify apps Kiwi size chart
Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender plugin helps merchants to make their app smarter than ever. It is a customizable size chart with an intuitive UI where merchants can enter unlimited size charts.

On adding this plugin on your eCommerce Shopify app, your app can memorize the size that buyers previously ordered and whether that was a good fit. Later, this plugin recommends other goods that are available in that same size to make the search operation of the buyers easier.

Altogether, Kiwi size chart and recommender is definitely a must-have Shopify Apps in case you are looking for higher customer retention and low return rate on your mobile app.

Maker: StayTuned

Shopify App Store Rating: 4.5



Premium: $6.99/month

Ultimate: $12.49/month

Adding Kiwi size chart on your mobile app is now at your fingertips!

6. Must-have App for Discount

If you’re looking to set up a Shopify store and are interested in offering discounts, there are several apps and plugins available that can enhance your discounting capabilities. You can opt the below listed app for adding discount functionality to your Shopify store.

a. AIOD – All Automatic Discount – Best Discount app for Shopify

All Automatic Discount - Best Discount app for Shopify

AIOD – All Automatic Discount is 8 in 1 discount app for Shopify. Create bundles, BOGO, cart goals, post purchase, volume discounts & post purchase offers. It also allows stacking multiple discount codes. Customers can apply for more than one discount at checkout. AIOD is the best Shopify discount app available on Shopify app store. 

Also allows merchants to plan and automate their discount strategies effortlessly using schedule discountsfeature. Whether it’s flash sales, holiday promotions, or targeted campaigns.


  • Create Bundles, BOGO, Volume Discount, Post Purchase, Tiered Pricing & More 
  • Schedule Discount Campaigns 
  • Unlimited Automatic Discount 
  • Upsell Popups 
  • Track campaign success using Analytics of AIOD
  • Discounted Pricing & Offers
  • Create Buy x Get Y Offer 

Get a 30 Day Free Trial with High Quality Support.

7. Must-have Apps And Plugins For Translations

Merchants who are looking for international exposure for their business translation plugins are must-have apps for their Shopify online Andriod and iOS apps/stores. It will make the content of the mobile app legible to the users of any location.

Get the list of best Shopify apps for eCommerce business in terms of translation below:

a. Langify

must-have Shopify apps langify
The Langify plugin simply translates the content of your app into multiple languages. As a result, you get a cross-border reach and obviously a higher conversion.

Maker: Langify GmbH & Co. KG

Shopify App Store Rating: 4.7


Free – 7 days

Basic Plan: $17.50/month

Check out the step-by-step process of adding Langify on your app!

b. LangShop

must-have Shopify apps langshop
LangShop plugin too translates the content of the mobile app in a different location. However, the best part of this plugin is it can track the geo-location of the user and translate the content accordingly on the shopify app. So, if you want your buyers to enjoy an advanced service on their mobile app, this is one of the must-have Shopify Apps and Plugins you should consider.

Maker: Aheadworks

Shopify App Store Rating: 4.7


Free – 14 days

Basic: $10/month

Standard: $34/month

Advanced: $68/month

Finding out how to add LangShop on your app? Here are the easiest steps for this!

8. Must-have Apps and Plugins for Chat

While operating on a Shopify app, there will not necessarily be cent percent tech-savvy users. At least, there will be few users who will need support. And to offer them a satisfactory service, plugins of chat are essential on the Shopify mobile app.

Find out the best apps to add to Shopify to provide chat support:

a. Tidio

must-have Shopify apps tidio
Do you want to make one of the best Shopify apps for eCommerce? Tidio plugin can help you in meeting your goals. To get started, just add Tidio on your Shopify app and provide instant customer support with live chat. You will get the bots here as well that can increase your sales and reliability at the same time.


Shopify App Store Rating: 4.8



Communicator Plan: $19/month

Chatbots Plan: $39/month

Tidio+: $289/month

Want Tidio on your app? Here is how you can do that!

b. Zendesk

must-have Shopify apps zendesk
Zendesk takes pride in taking customer interactions to a higher level with messaging, chat, email, social interactions, etc. So, with Zendesk plugin, you can keep your buyers connected throughout

Maker: Zendesk

Shopify App Store Rating: 3.6


Free – 14 days


Growth: $79/month


Enterprise: $150/month

Check the simplest steps to add Zendesk on the Shopify app

9. Must-have Apps and Plugins for Easy Shipment

Even after getting sufficient organic traffic and orders, merchants often fail to retain their customers. Shipment and delivery issues are some of the major causes behind this.

But, with Shopify mobile app. It will not be a problem anymore. Just use the delivery and pick plugin and see a hassle-free shipment of your products.

a. Store Pickup + Delivery

must-have Shopify apps Store Pickup + Delivery
Store pickup + delivery plugin on Shopify aims at a seamless workflow so that the customers get on-time delivery. This plugin comes with a super easy shipping calendar where you can manage A to Z of shipment.

With this plugin you can prevent all the delays in deliveries. Moreover, the customers may receive faster delivery as well. This plugin streamlines the whole shipping process to impress customers. As a result, you get more happy customers.

Maker: Zapiet

Shopify App Store Rating: 4.8


Essential: $29.99/month

Advanced: $49.99/month

Pro: $99.99/month

Enterprise: $299.99/month

Check how to add store pickup+delivery plugin on Shopify mobile app 

10. Must-have Apps and Plugins for Order Tracking

On a mobile app, having on time updates of the orders are essential; however, the merchants need to take care of so many other factors that they are unable to get the minute’s details of the orders. To free the merchants from this problem, the order tracking plugins on Shopify apps are now essential.

a. Shipway

Shipway is like the one-stop solution to resolve all your order tracking issues. It streamlines the entire ordering process with a high level of accuracy. Shipway aims at reducing the effort of the merchants by auto-updating the order status and notifying it to both merchants and users. By adding Shipway, you can simplify and shorten the return and exchange process as well.

In short, Shipway integration keeps all the information in front of the customers regarding shipment, leaving hardly any scope of questions. All these helps in keeping users and merchants connected and satisfied. So, definitely give a try to Shipway plugin on your Shopify Mobile app.
Maker: Shipway

Shopify App Store Rating: 4.4


7 days free trial


Starter: $9/month


Enterprise: $99/month

Finding how to add Shipway plugin on Shopify mobile app? Check this. 

11. Must-have Apps and Plugins for Order Return

So, let’s face it – even after you make your app this much advanced, yet, some returns cannot be avoided. Here, your goal will be to make the return process so swift that the customer comes back to purchase something later. For this reason, order return plugins are essential on your Shopify app.

a. Return Prime: Order Return

must-have Shopify apps return prime
Return prime is a 5 star rated plugin available on Shopify app store that can manage the entire process of product return very fast and accurately. Some most valued features of this plugin are: exchanges before return and return labels.

If you add this plugin on your Shopify app, you can manage all your returns, exchanges, and refunds altogether here. As an end result, it will make your brand very powerful by creating a trust factor among your buyers.

Maker: Appsdart Solutions Private Limited

Shopify App Store Rating: 5



Grow: $19.99/month


Grow: $99.99/month

Here is how you can add Return prime on your app!

12. Must-have Apps and Plugins for Loyalty Programs And Rewards

An eCommerce business is all about retaining customers and making them purchase again and again. But this is quite a difficult task – you have to put in some effort sometimes. Sometimes, you also have to invest a few bucks to tempt the buyers.

But the reward and loyalty plugins will make this complicated task of retaining customers pretty simple – so, these plugins are must have on your Shopify app.

a. Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards

must-have Shopify apps yotpo
Yotpo plugin on Shopify is made with the aim of increasing customer lifetime value so that merchants can have a long-term profit from them. To do this, Yotpo makes the customers feel special to give them personalized offers, referral discounts, and incentives.

This smart plugin also wishes the customers on their birthday with some exclusive offers to bring them back on your app. So, you have to give it a try and experience the difference on your Shopify app.

Maker: Yotpo – L&R

Shopify App Store Rating: 4.7



Gold: $249/month

Add Yotpo on your Shopify app today!

b. Flits: Customer Account Page

Flits comes with the mission of offering customers a pleasant experience while they are using the app. With Flits, customers get a compact dashboard where all their actions along with previous searches and transactions are brought together.

As a result, the customers do not need to jump into different pages to get the details they require. They simply click on the user dashboard and get EVERYTHING.

Maker: Flits

Shopify App Store Rating: 4.9


Basic: $4.99/month

Business: $19.99/month

Enterprise: $29.99/month

Finding how to add Flits on your Shopify app? Check this guide!

c. Smile: Loyalty & Rewards

smile loyalty and rewards
This is a 4.8-rated plugin on Shopify app store and one of the most popular plugins in terms of loyalty and rewards. As its name suggests, it truly brings smiles on the faces of users with special offerings.

Customers are the biggest asset of any business and Smile makes them a priority in the right way. Smile treats customers with rewards and other points so that they come back to redeem those points. At the end of the day, the merchants get repeat purchases. So, would you like to give it a try?

Maker: Smile.io

Shopify App Store Rating: 4.8



Starter: $49/month

Growth: $199/month

Pro: $549/month

d. Stamped.io

Stamped is another loyalty and reward plugin available on Shopify app store. It also aims at bagging some long-term profit for the merchants.

If you are seeking more engagement, higher retention and more repeat purchase, Stamped can be your go-to solution. It tempts the users and these temptations slowly but surely trigger a purchase intent in them.

Maker: Stamped.io

Shopify App Store Rating: 4



Premium: $59/month

Business: $179/month

Professional: $479/month

13. Must-have Apps and Plugins for Buy Now Pay Later

If your target buyers are millennials, they always have a craze of purchase. This is because they always want to stay trendy. But the problem is money as they are mostly students and sometimes they do not have a steady source of income! It becomes a barrier to their fashion statement.

But with BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) plugins, merchants can allow them to buy what they want and pay in one or more installments. Let’s find out the most popular plugins for BNPL on Shopify that you may need to add on your app.

a. Clearpay Attract

Clearpay attract is a free and official Shopify plugin that invites the merchants to avail its benefits. By using its seamless integrations, merchants can definitely achieve a high conversion rate. Not just that, it will remarkably reduce the return rate on your Shopify mobile app.

Maker: Afterpay

Shopify App Store Rating: No rating yet



b. Klarna On‑Site Messaging

If you are looking for some flexible payment options on your mobile app, Klarna can be your choice. With this shopify plugin, you can allow the customers to continue transactions with you without worrying about the payments. Along with BNPL, Klarna comes with unique personal messaging. So, add this and get ready to achieve higher AOV than ever.

Maker: Klarna

Shopify App Store Rating: 3.3



What will you miss out without these must-have plugins on your mobile app?

This is quite a common question among the merchants who believe the apps they have prepared are self-sufficient. But the reality is quite different – even a premium mobile app will need the support of these plugins or addons just to hold the customers.

Unless your mobile app uses the integrations, you will have to redirect users to some other pages to complete their actions. As a result, they will ultimately drop using your app and your conversion rate will come downwards.

Still, not convinced? Here are some specific terms that you will miss out if you drop using these essential plugins on your Shopify mobile app:

  1. Higher organic traffic
  2. Higher sessions
  3. High conversion rates
  4. Higher retention rate
  5. Brand value and much more

Check out: 10 Best Tips To Implement Successful App Store Optimization in 2023

How to Choose the Most Useful Apps and Plugins for Your Shopify Mobile Apps?

how to choose Must have Shopify plugins
Now, you are aware of the essential plugins for your Shopify mobile apps, but is that all?

On Shopify app store, you will get hundreds of plugins for the same task – so, the point is how to pick the best one?

Here are some factors, you can consider to pick the best plugins for your Shopify app:

1. App’s requirements

First of all, figure out what support your app exactly needs. It can be a product filter or loyalty related or chat or anything.

So, check what your app needs – see where maximum of the customers are dropping to decide what plugins you need.

2. User experience

Before choosing the essential plugins for your Shopify mobile app, research and find out how it will enhance the end-user experience.

No matter whether you pick a free or paid plugin, unless it enhances the user experience it will be of no use to you.

3. Developers

It is very important to choose a plugin that is developed by a reliable team of developers. Make sure, the plugins you choose come from an experienced team/company.

4. Review and ratings

You have to check the reviews and ratings of the plugins even after you are picking one that is made by experienced developers.

5. Scalability

Again, you need to research and see what scalability the plugin has brought on the apps. It will ensure that you will get success after adding the plugin on your Shopify app.

6. Cost

This is a very important factor – you possibly have a budget constraint or a plugin can exceed your budget. For this, you may need to cut short your requirements or compromise in other factors to invest in the exact plugin. So, plan and calculate before choosing one.

7. Security

On adding the plugin, consider its security features. After all, the users have to feel secure while using the app with the plugin.

Build Robust And Fascinating Shopify Mobile App With MageNative!

End words

In a nutshell, plugins are essential for enhancing the performance of your Shopify mobile app. If you don’t want your users to go elsewhere, you must add the plugins and create a top-notch experience for your users.

Now, you have the list of must-have Shopify Apps and Plugins for your mobile app – consider what you need and get ready for a long term profit.

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